Premium filters

Basic filters are applied to the whole database (90M+), while Premium filters – 150K+ top influencers. 

The reason is – we need to collect a report for account to know exactly its audience. As far as we've collected a lots of such reports for top inlfuencers you get this premium filters. This database is growing.  

You could use both basic and premium filters. Or use Premium for most popular accounts and basic for wide search.

Premium filters

  1. Audience location – find influencers with audience from some country or city.
  2. Audience gender – use it to filter accounts with required ammount of followers (male or female).
  3. Audience autenticity – get a list of accounts with quality audience.
  4. [Soon] AQS

There are special limits for Premium filters due to subscription. 

We recommend

Don't start with 70% discovery. Use this filters as average metrics:

  • City – 10-20%,
  • Country – 40%,
  • Gender – 60%,
  • Audience autenticity – 50%  
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