2022-04-21. Account type and age

You could read about improvements of recognition algorithms in our last release note. We wrote that was the first step. And now… Try our new filters:

  • Account type (influencer or brand)
  • Influencer age

Check it in Discovery section: Search for influencers or brands

Why do you need Account type filter

You know that trendHERO isn't a marketplace. It’s an influencer marketing platform. You can check, analyze and track any non-private account. So our platform can be used for influencers search, competitors monitoring or profiles audit. You discover and get statistics of both account types — influencers and brands.

But we understand that there are cases when you are looking for one type of profiles only. 

That’s why you need the filter Account type. 

For example, you have a yoga studio and want to see competitors on Instagram. In this case you should choose ‘Brand’. But if you need creators and influencers to make some kind of collaboration – use the ‘Influencer’ option.

How do we know who is a brand or influencer 

We check avatars, bio, posts, etc. Our recognition algorithms are used to show if there are enough ‘clues’ to presume that this profile belongs to a brand or influencer. 

What does label 'lab' mean

Gender, age and brand recognition become better every day as far as our algorithms use machine learning. Now we have 100M+ in our database. Not all of them are fully checked by our new algorithm right now. We are trying to do it as soon as possible.   

So during the next months we’ll continue to improve the quantity and quality of search results. 

If you see that some account has the wrong type – don’t hesitate to write to us in the chat. 

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